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I: Founding Philosophy

Galilee School of Theology was founded on the religious tradition of Christianity and animated by the educational vision

of Dr. Jeremy J. Hong.  In August, 1978 Dr. Jeremy J. Hong came to the US in order to find out the uniqueness of Christianity.

After completion of his studies at SMU & Emory Universities he arrived at the point that the core of Christianity is the life

and vision of the Galilean Jesus.  According to his faith the vision of Jesus could be implemented here on the earth, and

thus it could be "sensible" for any person to live his/her life up as Jesus did.  After more than 20 years of teaching experiences

in Seoul, Korea and in Southern California he migrated to another chapter of theological thinking. He believes that we are in

serious need of a new paradigm of theological education focusing on a Sensible Christian message, Social credibility of 

Christian life, and User-friendly values in orientation.  


Vision Statement

Galilee School of Theology shall be a global frontier in the development of religious leadership to transform the self-righteous and deceiving human mind toward a more eco-friendly and artful mind.

Mission Statement

Galilee School of Theology, a Seminary of the United Jesus Church, serves Jesus and the churches and the global community by preparing women and men in the understandings and skills needed for religious leadership and ministry to individuals, churches and society.

A Statement of Commitments

In fulfillment of our Vision and Mission Statements and being led by the spirit and ministry of Jesus, Galilee School of Theology is a community of faculty, staff, students, trustees, alumni/ae, and supporters joined in learning from each other and in commitment to preparing persons who will be leaders of ecclesial and social transformation in anticipation of the sacred age of peace and beauty. To this end, we undertake the following specific commitments:

We are committed to a curricular structure in all degree programs that encourages academic excellence and free inquiry, that focuses on the issues of communicable leadership, and that fosters cooperation between communities of vision and value-based organizations to promote the soft power of life against the forces of death.

We are committed to confronting the spiritual impoverishment of our time characterized by violence, greed, and false convictions with the sensible message of life caring joy and responsibility.

We are committed to enabling communities of faith to effectively engage in public ministry, articulating the finitude of all historical happenings on earth, especially the religious confessions.

Welcome from the President


Welcome to Galilee School of Theology.

Whether you have arrived here in search of something special or just by chance, welcome! You will find at Galilee School of Theology a unique community of learning as we work together for greater life and a more creative society.

  As you explore this site, I hope you get a sense of the original and creative spirit of the Galilee School of Theology. If you are interested in pursuing a sensible story of the Galilean Jesus, in the context of radical & open Christianity, there is no better place for that than Galilee School of Theology. If you seriously seek to re-design your life, I welcome you here. Our outstanding faculty, dedicated staff, and passionate student body create a rich environment for the thinking and visioning of a life of faith.


We are affiliated with the United Jesus Church, a church with a radically inclusive mission. Our ecumenical community brings together learners from a wide variety of locations, ages, sexual orientations, and faith traditions.


If you are interested in meeting the Galilean Jesus and being a wholly mature person through a new design in your life, Galilee School of Theology will be an exciting and fulfilling place for you. Welcome!     


1. Doctor of Theology (신학박사) 과정

       2년 수업, 논문. 자신의 활동 영역을 성서적/신학적/사회-정치적으로 정리하는 작업

      [입학 자격]: 신학 석사 과정을 필한 후, 동일 분야에서 5년 이상 활동 경험이 있는 자 

2Doctor of Ministry (목회학 박사) 과정

    1년 수업, 논문, 현역 목회자/설교자 반. 자신의 구원을 정립, 설교-목회의 중심을 구축하는 작업

     [입학 자격] 신학교 졸업 후, 안수를 받고, 3년 이상 목회를 한 자 

 3. Master of Divinity (목회학 석사) 과정

    목회자를 지망하는 자. 졸업생은 연합예수회에서 안수를 받고, 자신의 스타일의 목회를 시작할 수 있음

     [입학자격] 대학 졸업자. 혹은 고교 졸업 후, 10년 이상 세상 살이 공부를 성실한 마친 자 

 4. Master of Sacred Theology (신학석사) 과정

     자신의 신앙을 이해하고 싶어하는 평신도 반. 2년 수업

2019 IDLSeminary
2019 IDLSeminary

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